To support BIPOC and AAPI female founders who are changing the hospitality industry for the better.

The Hospitable Bridge accelerator studio was founded to help support BIPOC and AAPI female founders within the first few years of launching their business. Most startups fail within two years, and women owned businesses—especially BIPOC and AAPI women owned businesses—do not always get the necessary funding nor support in these critical early stages.



Weaving distinctly female and culturally diverse perspectives and leadership into everyday⁠ business operations.⁠


Working in collaboration with BIPOC and AAPI female founders and AvroKO World to ensure our Ventures become powerhouse influences in the hospitality industry of the future, through the application of our Hospitable Thinking philosophy.⁠


Helping BIPOC and AAPI women build sustainable businesses, with sustainable cultures and practices.⁠


The Biased Model

Currently, women owned businesses are less likely to survive, despite evidence that their startups are often highly successful. BIPOC and AAPI women owned businesses are even less likely to survive.


of top VC partners worldwide are women

< 2%

of all venture funding goes to women


higher cumulative revenue over 5 year period for female founded vs. male founded startups


of all venture funding goes to women of color


average investment in women founders, compared to $2.1 million average for men

This begs the question, how can we support female entrepreneurs?



Currently, there is no known venture-accelerator that has clear focus on supporting BIPOC and AAPI female entrepreneurs who are improving the hospitality industry with both the monetary and human capital needed for success.

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We are looking to bridge the support needed for BIPOC and AAPI women owned businesses in these early stages, aiding in the growth and development of both the founder and the business.


Through our program and support, we provide our Ventures access to:





Access to Hospitality
based Pipelines


Our programs are designed to build bridges to resource and opportunity and are offered at different levels in order to best serve the needs of our Ventures.

12-Month Intensive

Our program designed to help BIPOC and AAPI female founders launch their business and secure their place in the market, supported through a 12-month plan.

Back Pocket Support

Our programs rely on direct 1:1 connection, mentorship, and support with our Ventures. We’re back pocket and are ready to help on the other side of a text, call, or cup of coffee.

Micro Grants

Smaller micro-bursts of economic support to give businesses and initiatives we believe in a boost to do even more good.



Founder Alpa Patel



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Spaceez’s mission is to make hospitality design accessible
and affordable.

Alpa, Founder and CEO of Spaceez, is a seasoned entrepreneur. Wanting to find a solution and help her father renovate his Super 8 Motel in 2015 and growing increasingly frustrated not being able to find an affordable designer, Alpa set out on a mission to democratize hospitality design and make it accessible and affordable, quality, and innovative hospitality. Alpa saw a tremendous opportunity to providing hoteliers with quality, affordable and innovative hospitality to nearly 50% of all hotels and motels around the US and globally where there are 600,000 independent hotels—most of whom can’t afford hospitality design. This led her to launch Spaceez and took the company off the ground in September 2018.

Think Forward Society

Founder Kiki Mobley



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Think Forward Society’s work is rooted in social entrepreneurship and equity design, partnering with hospitality based businesses to design a more inclusive and equitable future

Kiki’s belief is that creating tailored strategies, content, training, tools, and other learning solutions will enable organizations to infuse diversity and cultural intelligence at every level.

Kiki has over 15 years of experience overseeing the finance and operations of renowned studios and hospitality companies and understands that hospitality can and should be applied to everything.


AvroKO World has established a new paradigm in the hospitality industry, encompassing a multitude of disciplines while creating uniquely compelling and remarkably engaging interiors, brands, strategies, and products

Since its launch in 2001, AvroKO World has earned reputation as one of the most innovative companies in the hospitality industry, due in large part to the group’s legendary storytelling through design and its focus on creating emotionally connected experiences.

In the past 20 years, the firm has grown to four AvroKO Design offices, developed Brand Bureau, a branding and strategy agency operating in four cities, launched over dozen owned and licensed bars and restaurants through AvroKO Hospitality Group, and created Goodshop, a furniture and lighting manufactory, designing custom products for the hospitality world.




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